Acceptable Listing Policy

To avoid getting rejected, please ensure that your listing adheres to the following requirements. We recommend that you check back here before each listing submission as the list will grow over time.

Acceptable Listing Usage

  1. Be honest. Don’t include false or deceptive information in your listing.
  2. Stay up to date. Old or inaccurate information will make your potential customers unhappy with you and with us.
  3. Keep it simple. We strive to keep a simplicity and uniformity to our website. As such, we have provided a list of unacceptable practices (and examples) when creating your business or organization Description. Please do not:
    • Use the H1 formatting tag.

    • Use ALL CAPS.
    • Excessively use bold, italics, or alternative font colors.
    • Change default font sizes.
    • Excessively use ? ? ? spaces ? ? or?

      blank lines.

    • Create a link that does not open in a new window.
    • Describe your business or organization using more than 200 words (we’ll leave the example out of this requirement).
    • Insert picturesWildwood Underground.
    • Use emoticons. ?:-x