Anita’s Guacamole Heart-healthy Anita's Guacamole is guaranteed to satisfy!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

The following is part of a weekly feature highlighting the vendors at the Wildwood NJ Farmer’s Market.

Vendor Facts

Name:Anita’s Guacamole
Years attending:2 years
Known for:Fresh made guacamole
Other items:Fresh made salsa (tomato and mango)
Prices (at the time of this writing)Prices for guacamole are $6 for a half pint, $10 for a pint. Salsa prices are $4 and $6.
When you drop by, say hello to…Robert & Mel

It’s lunchtime, and I just sat down to enjoy a tuna sandwich topped off with Anita’s Guacamole. It’s my first time trying the stuff, and man, is it good! I admit it, I’m a bit of a guacaholic. I think any food tastes better with guacamole on it?(I’ve even been know to dip dark chocolate into fresh guacamole). Yum!

But hey, guacamole is good for you! Research published in the?Journal of the American Heart Association shows that eating avocados can actually reduce cholesterol. So for me, it’s a win-win (well, maybe I should skip the chocolate).

Anita's Guacamole

Mel & Robert of Anita’s Guacamole

If you are anything like me and love (or even like) guacamole, you owe it to yourself to get down to the Wildwood Farmer’s Market this Saturday and buy a pint of the stuff. It’s good! But don’t take my word for it, try a free sample and see for yourself. if you get there early enough, you can watch Robert & Mel create the guacamole from scratch, using only fresh ingredients. A word of warning: grocery store guacamole just won’t taste the same afterwards. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of places to find Anita’s Guacamole in the area.

Avocados, Nature’s Magic Bullet

Need more reasons to eat “lots of guac”? Here’s some health benefits you could be enjoying:

  • Avocados are listed as a “nutrient superstar” in the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Food & Nutrition Bible.
  • Avocados are a great source of beta-sistosterol, recently shown to help block cholesterol absorption.
  • The avocado is virtually the only fruit that contains monounsaturated fat, also rich in cancer preventative anti-oxidants, and is the highest fruit source of:
    • Vitamins A, B, E & K
    • Thiamine
    • Ribofavin
    • Biotin
    • Niacin
    • Folic and Pantothenic acid
    • Potassium & Magesium

Check out even more benefits of eating avocado-based foods.

Anita’s Guacamole Recipes

Learn how to make an avocado smoothie or even try an avocado facial on Anita’s website.