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Jay’s on Third in Stone Harbor Culinary delights await at this award-winning Stone Harbor restaurant.
03 May 2017

We recently had dinner with friends at Jay’s on Third in Stone Harbor, and yes, I know it’s not Wildwood, but the experience was so delightful that I felt I just had to share! Located on 98th and 3rd Streets, you’ll find Jay’s on Third well worth the trip to experience such a fantastic culinary experience! Open from 5:30 • Read More »

The Joy of Biking in the Wildwoods A bicyclist's thoughts on cycling and summer.
30 Apr 2017

Mrs. Wildwood regales us with her stories of biking in the Wildwoods.

What’s New in the Wildwoods Mrs. Wildwood and Xena walk the Wildwoods.
28 Apr 2017

When I’m out for my daily dog walks I now tend to notice my surroundings a bit more so I can share what I see going on in town. I noticed a sign at Shoobies letting us know they will open May 4 (“May the Fourth be with You!”). If you haven’t tried them yet I highly recommend this great • Read More »

You don’t look a day over 100! Wildwood undergoes it's annual ritual of beautification.
13 Apr 2017

Spring in the Wildwoods brings with it the sounds of buzzing saws and pounding hammers. It’s face-lift time and it’s always fun to see just what is getting upgraded on our fair island!

Easter Memories of Life at the Shore
09 Apr 2017

Palm Sunday is once again upon us and with it comes an upsurge of people to the Wildwoods.

Spring has sprung?! Wildwood awakes from its long winter slumber.
03 Apr 2017

Mrs. Wildwood gives her thoughts on the reawakening of our sleepy island town.

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