Duffinetti’s – The Original Pesto Sauce

Last updated: March 27, 2018



Hey, did you hear that Duffinetti’s Restaurant & Lounge is reopening? After 10 long years, this bit of news makes many of us here on the island quite felice! In the meantime, you can try their Original Pesto Sauce?- guaranteed to make just about any dish taste better!

Vendor Facts

Name:Duffinetti’s – The Original Pesto Sauce
Originating from:Wildwood, NJ
Years attending:2 years
Known for:Pesto Sauce
Other items:Check out heir awesome Italian restaurant!
Prices (at the time of this writing)(Argh, can’t find it in my notes! It was very affordable!)
When you drop by, say hello to…Trish & Mariam