Free Parking for Wildwood NJ Beach & Boardwalk

Last updated: March 27, 2018

Note. Google deleted our map! It’s on our to-do list to recreate the map. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Free parking for the Wildwood NJ beach and boardwalk is available, but limited. Further, although paid-for lots provide a certain level of security, they can at times get quite expensive (especially in the heart of the season).

Parking Close to Wildwood NJ Beach & Boardwalk

West of New Jersey Avenue, there is plenty of free parking. Given that our beaches (as beautiful as they are) rival the Sahara Desert in length, most people find parking there not worth the walk, especially when loaded down with beach gear. Nevertheless, if you are among the few sturdy folks who don’t mind the trek, then head west, young man, and you’ll be bound for parking gold!

For the rest of us, here is a map of Wildwood that shows where you can find free parking and still get to the beach and boardwalk before the sun goes down.


Red: Metered parking only.

Green: Free parking available.

Yellow: Some free parking available.

Brown: No parking.

Here’s the full map of free parking for the Wildwood NJ beach & boardwalk for those of us over 40 (hey, I’m including myself in that group)!

Other Maps

What other maps would you like to see? Take a moment to comment and if the request sounds doable, we’ll see what we can do. Some ideas: map of ATMs, map of restaurants, map of bars/nightclubs, trolley route, paid parking lots (with pricing?)… we aim to please!