Good Boy Biscuits and Bones Keep Fido happy and healthy all summer long!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

The following is part of a weekly feature highlighting the vendors at the Wildwood NJ Farmer’s Market.

Vendor Facts

Name:Good Boy Biscuits and Bones
Website:Good Boy Biscuits and Bones
Years attending:First year
Known for:Homemade, all-natural dog bones and biscuits
Prices (at the time of this writing)$3 – $10
When you drop by, say hello to…Carley & Ryan
Good Boy, Wildwood, NJ

Good Boy Biscuits & Treats

Over the past couple of years, Wildwood has turned into a real dog-lover’s town. The city hosts plenty of parks where the dogs can sniff and do their, uh, other business. Add to that the new Wildwood dog beach and you can see why so many folks love to have Fido tag along with them on their family vacation.

If you are one of the many who enjoy Wildwood’s doggy hospitality, you might want to try taking your pet for a walk over to the Wildwood Farmers Market one Saturday morning to check out Good Boy Biscuits and Bones.

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog



As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a health nut. The same goes for my dog Xena (though not by her own choice — she’ll eat almost anything). In the past, I’ve always traveled off-island to get Xena her bones and treats because frankly, you can’t find healthy pet treats or food on the island (someone correct me if I’m mistaken). Now, being an islander, I have a natural aversion to leaving the Wildwoods for any reason, other than escaping a hurricane perhaps. So when I discovered Good Boy, I immediately asked about what goes into the bones and treats. Ryan assured me that all ingredients are 100% with no liquid smokes, salts, dyes, sugars or preservatives added — he said you can even eat the biscuits yourself (I took a pass on that).

I’m happy to say I have one less off-island trip to make now, thanks to Good Boy Biscuits and Treats (I can order online in the off season). Now if I can only do something about those pesky hurricanes…