How to Add a Listing Adding a listing to Wildwood Underground is easy!

  • Due to excessive spamming, after creating an account you must email after registering, requesting permissions to create and edit your listing.
  • If you’d like us to manually add your listing for you (free for a limited time), just fill out the form on this page.
  • We are actively creating new features for our listings, so the content below can become outdated from time to time. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask! Just email for help.

We’re happy you’ve decided to add your business, organization, or event to our website. The current instructions are will go over how to add a listing for your business and organization. Help for adding events is coming.

Before Starting

Before you start, we recommend you have the following information and data collected and ready to use:

  • Name of business or organization
  • Contact name, email, phone
  • Website address of business or organization
  • Photos! Photos sell, so make sure you have good ones! Currently our site renders your photos at 780 pixels by 480 pixels. If your photos are of different size, they’ll get shrunk or stretched to fit. In general, it’s a good idea to crop or resize your photos to the above dimensions. This avoids pixelation and stretching (where your photo looks “fat”).
  • Content/Description. This is crucial if you want people to click over to your website (and that is what you want, right?). We recommend at between 100 and 200 words describing your business or organization.
  • Read up on choosing the perfect keyword.

Step 1. Create a User Account

Start by creating an account on our website. Just head over to our registration page to create a new account. If you already have an account, you can log in at here.

Step 2. Complete Your Profile

Once you have created an account and are logged into our system, you will notice a menu to the left of the administrative pages. Click on the “Profile” menu item, then fill out as much information as possible on the corresponding page. We’ll use some of this info to help promote your listing.

Step 3. Add Your Listing

After you’ve completed filling out your profile, hover your mouse cursor over Listings on the left-hand menu. A drop-down box will appear with several menu items. Click on Add New.

Now comes the work. A typical listing entry will take from 30 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on your familiarity with WordPress and if you’ve collected the above resources before starting.

You should be looking at a screen similar to the following:

Let’s go over each portion of the page separately. We’ll cover:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Contact Info
  • Upload Photos
  • WordPress SEO
  • Listing Categories
  • Amenities
  • Publish



Where it reads, “Enter title here”, enter only your business or organization name. Please don’t enter any extra information here, as it will be removed.


Describe your business or organization. This is the meat of your listing, so make it count! Try for 100 – 150 words if possible. If you make the description too long people aren’t going to read it (so don’t do that). Also, while you have many tools available to you to format your text, we’d like to see a minimal use of the font and color changing tools. Feel free to use the list and table building tools, as well as the link building tools. Images within the description will be removed. Please view our Acceptable Listing Policy for more information.

Organization Info

Contact Info

Fill out all the information in the Organization Info box. You may leave the contact first name and contact last name blank if you don’t want that information displayed publicly. Please note that the Reciprocal Link field is required and we’ll check that the link exists on your site before your listing goes live.

Upload Photos

Photo Uploads

Upload up to 5 photos of your business or organization. Just click the Browse button (the button might be labeled differently on different browsers, but you get the idea), browse to your file, then upload. Max file size should be no more than 100K (kilobytes).

The caption text input for each photo is optional but recommended, as it offers you the opportunity to say a bit about what each photo represents. Visitors will be looking right at your photos, so it is as likely they’ll read the caption as anything else on your listing page. Try not to write too much in the caption, otherwise the words will wrap on the photo, which can look ugly and hide the photo contents.

Don’t forget: we render photos at 780×480 pixels, so try to crop or resize your photos as close to these dimensions as possible. If you are unsure how to do this, drop us a line and we will help.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO allows you to maximize the potential that a visitor will view your listing page.

Once you’ve performed a quick read of how to choose the perfect keyword, choose a keyword or phrase and type it into the “Focus Keyword” text box. If you’ve done everything correctly, when you click or tab out of the text box, you should see a list of keyword performance indicators that appear something like this:

Focus keyword usage
Your focus keyword was found in:

  • Article Heading: No
  • Page Title: No
  • Page URL: No
  • Content: Yes (1)
  • Meta description: No

Here’s what each performance indicator means.

  1. Article Heading
  2. Page Title: Your keywords should appear in your article heading and title. For listings, the article heading and title are the same. Since you must use your business name as the title of the page, these first two performance indicators will probably show a No. Don’t worry, that’s expected. Remember, the title must be your business or organization name.
  3. Page URL: Since the URL is your business name and cannot be changed, you’ll probably see a red No here.
  4. Content: Your keywords should be present in your content (description). If not, modify your content to include them. The number in Yes (1) denotes the number of times your keywords are present in the listing. Don’t overdo the number of times you insert your keywords into the description. This will cause the text to be unnatural to read and will not help you in the search results. Aim for 2 or 3 occurrences of your keywords in the description.
  5. Meta Description: Since you haven’t filled out your meta description yet, this performance indicator will definitely display No. Fix that by entering the meta description in the appropriate text box a bit below the performance indicators. A meta description is displayed in Google’s search results. You can see that would look like by looking at the Snippet Preview in the same area.

SEO Title: Please do not enter any information here. It will be removed if you do.

Go ahead and expore the Page Analysis and Social tabs under WordPress SEO. Note that the Page Analysis tab might complain that you don’t have enough words in your post, but as long as you stick to a 100 – 150 word description, you’ll be fine, as WordPress SEO doesn’t take into account the contact or amenities information when it calculates the number of words in your listing.

Listing Categories

Listing Categories

Check as many listing categories as match your business or organization. Usually there will be only one, but some businesses or organizations may find two or three categories that fit. We reserve final judgment on your choices.

Also, make sure to check any parent category relative to your category. For instance, if you check Hotel/Motel as your category, make sure to check the Lodging parent category. Doing so ensures that you are getting the maximum number of views for your listing.



Currently we have two sets of amenities, Hotel/Motel Amenities and Condo/Apt/Home Amenities. Check all that apply for your lodging business. Be truthful, please.

Note: We’ve added a few new input areas for rentals:

  • Rental Info
  • Condo/Apt/Home Appliance
  • Condo/Apt/Home Room

We’ll get around to updating this help text sooner or later. In the meantime if you need help with any of the above, just drop us an email at



If you’ve got this far, congratulations, you’re almost done! Take a moment to go over your description one more time and recheck all your entries. Go over our Acceptable Listing Policy to make sure your listing complies with our requirements. Click the Preview button to view what your listing will look like to visitors of our website. Once you are satisfied that everything is perfect, click the Submit for Review button to complete the listing submission process. Submissions can take a day or two to process.

Note that you can also click the Save Draft button at any time to save your work.

Reciprocal Link

Before your listing can go live, you have to provide a reciprocal link to our website. A reciprocal link is simply a link from your website to ours. You can provide us the link in the Reciprocal Link input (see Organization Info above).

The Fine Print

We reserve the right to modify your your listing as we see fit. Why would we do this? We might do it for several reasons, including to fix spelling or grammatical errors, or to modify your text to increase search engine relevancy. We’ll also change coloring and layout (font sizes, etc.) so your listing meshes well with the rest of our site. We’ll let you know if we do. We may also simply reject your listing if there are too many violations of our acceptable listing policy. Don’t worry, you can simply fix your listing and resubmit.

Also, we require that you tell the truth! Don’t like or exaggerate about your business or organization. We have an obligation to our visitors as well and a reputation to uphold.

By adding your listing you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

A Note about Ads

We are an ad-based business, so we display ads. If you don’t want ads displayed on your listing page, we can arrange this, but there is a fee involved, since your listing will not generate ad revenue. Contact us for further details.