J & F Ferrucci Nursery Fresh, healthy produce and potted flowers.

Last updated: March 27, 2018

The following is part of a weekly feature highlighting the vendors at the Wildwood NJ Farmer’s Market.

Vendor Facts

Name:J & F Nursery
Years attending:2 years
Known for:Fresh fruits and vegetables, potted flowers
Prices (at the time of this writing)Vary
When you drop by, say hello to…Taylor & Craig
J & F Ferrucci Nursery

Items from J & F Ferrucci Nursery

On my previous Wildwood Farmers Market excursions, I sampled guacamole, pesto sauce, and wine (burp), so I figured it was time to get to the heart of what a farmers market is about: fresh and locally grown produce. J & F Ferrucci Nursery was just the ticket.

Located in Newfield, NJ, J & F Ferrucci Nursery had a cornucopia of fresh greens, peaches, zucchini, corn, shallots, onions, and radishes. I was told if I come back the following week, that the list of fruits and vegetables would change, as they only sell the produce that is ripened to perfection and ready-to-eat. You just can’t get food this fresh at the supermarket!

Mr. Wildwood's Flower Garden

Mr. Wildwood’s Flower Garden

Along with the fresh produce came a variety of potted flowers. I purchased a couple of cone flowers for my back yard (which is mostly cement, but I’ve managed a nice flower garden this year). They bloomed very nicely and since they are perennials I can look forward to seeing them year after year.

Check out J & F Ferrucci on Facebook, or better yet, next Saturday when you are enjoying the morning at the Wildwood Farmer’s Market!