The Joy of Biking in the Wildwoods A bicyclist's thoughts on cycling and summer.

Last updated: March 27, 2018

My husband and I are avid road bikers (as in Schwinn, not Harley Davidson). I just returned from my second outdoor ride after months of riding spin bikes inside a gym. I find it very invigorating and also somewhat meditative (clears out the cobwebs!). As I ride along Ocean Drive between Wildwood and Stone Harbor, I’m filled with joy and gratitude that I live in such an amazing place! The Wetlands are alive with life and beauty, the sun is reflecting off the water and the air is cool and crisp. At this time of year the traffic is still light and there aren’t many other bikers on the roads yet. That will change soon.

I would venture a guess that almost half of Wildwood vacationers go for a bike ride at some point during their visit. Many ride along our famous Wildwood boardwalk, which connects a bike path in Wildwood Crest with another one in North Wildwood! It’s a great way to start your day and get some exercise before a lazy day on the beach or by the pool! The boardwalk is open to bike riders until noon when the tram-cars begin their daily grind of shuffling people from one end to the other. I would caution people to be aware of each other while riding on the boardwalk because it can get very crowded as people are also walking, running, shopping and eating!

Also, as the roads fill up with more and more cars, there are also more and more bicyclists using these same roads. Many of them are workers here for the summer who are not familiar with the rules of biking on the street. I would advocate signs to keep bikers on the right side of the road (you ride with the flow of traffic — not against it) and off the sidewalks. I have almost been hit several times by a bike rider who is on the sidewalk coming to a corner where I am walking in the other direction!

Bicyclists should also use hand signals so cars and pedestrians know when they are turning. That being said I would also urge drivers to use caution and slow down a bit and use their turn signals so bike riders know when you are turning! It’s important for drivers to check both directions multiple times when at an intersection because someone on a bike can sneak up on you from the wrong direction. I’ve seen accidents happen that way.

Bicycling is a great activity enjoyed by many people so let’s keep it safe and fun for all! Whether you’re out on a cruiser or on a speedy road bike, I wish you all happy trails!

-Mrs. Wildwood