Making Your Office Pet-Friendly How to manage a pet-friendly workplace.

Last updated: March 27, 2018

Pet Friendly Hotels in Wildwood NJ

It seems that Wildwood has become the pet-friendly capital of South Jersey (don’t forget to get your votes in for Wildwood as the? #1 dog beach). That’s just fine with us, as The Underground loves pets and even has a few that hang out at our offices. Currently we have a Bernese Mountain Dog who comes to work every day (his primary job — eating cookies), plus my own Pit Bull (Xena, left) who visits during the winter months.

Consequently, when we took a look at the infographic below, we thought it would be fitting to share it here for any of you who want some tips on how to make your workplace more pet-friendly.

Thanks to our friends at Petco and Ghergich & Co. for sharing this infographic on how to manage a pet-friendly workplace.