North Wildwood Beach Dog Park Fenced in so Fido can run it out without a leash!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

Xena at North Wildwood Dog Park

Xena at North Wildwood Dog Park

Sometimes I think I must live under a rock. I mean I live here, so if something as big as a dog park on the North Wildwood beach is built, I should know about it, right? Yeah, well, like I said, under a rock.

My wife discovered this jewel just the other day while walking our Pit Bull, Xena. She took Xena to the beach at 19th Street and decided to walk back up between 24th and 25th Streets, so she could avoid the (not-fenced-in) dog beach at Juniper Avenue in Wildwood. Her choice was indeed fortuitous, as she almost literally bumped into the fenced in dog park, located right off the North Wildwood boardwalk.

Now our dog Xena, lovable as she is, doesn’t play well with other dogs. She views most of them as food, I think. Consequently we’ve always had to keep her on the leash for fear of doggy mayhem and general chaos. So it was with great anticipation that we let her off her leash in the completely empty park. She didn’t disappoint.

Fast as a bullet, Xena ran in circles, zigging and zagging to her heart’s content (I quickly found out that our dog will never be a profession frisbee catcher). After about 15 minutes she tuckered out and we walked her home again, where she quickly flopped on the couch and fell asleep.


If you live or visit the Wildwoods and you have a dog, you owe it to your pet to check out this great park. It’s big, clean, and has several fenced in areas in case you have an antisocial mutt like ours. The park even has water bowls (and water), plus potty bags (please be respectful and use them). Plus, check out the view!