A Pontoon-ing We Will Go Rent a pontoon boat this weekend in the Wildwoods!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

Wildwood Pontoon BoatBeat the heat this weekend by renting a pontoon boat and travelling up and down the coastal waterways of the Wildwoods! Bring along some friends?(boats fit 8-14 passengers) and plenty of liquids — you decide what kind. Make sure the designated “captain” is sober — a DUI while on the water can be worse than on the roadways. Costs will usually run about $25 per person for a half day, assuming you fill the boat. Most boats come with a cooler for your drinks, but you should ask to be certain.

Hint: After a couple of hours of boating and swimming, you might want to dock your boat at The Wharf for a quick lunch and libation or two. They have great live music on the weekends!

Pontoon Boat Rentals in the Wildwoods

Pier 47 Marina609-729-47743001 Wildwood Blvd
Website24′ boats, up to 10 passengers.
$225 for half day.
South Dock Water Sports609-522-0900231 West 10th Ave
North Wildwood
Website18′ – 24′ boats, up to 8-14 passengers.
Start at $190 for half day.