The Sites and Sounds of Wildwood, NJ Great to fall asleep to, or stream on your TV for background moods!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

I use a white noise machine for sleeping at night. For about 50 bucks, it’s a great investment, and now it’s difficult to nod off without it. But being all about the Wildwoods (I am Mr. Wildwood, after all), I thought that it might be nice to listen to some of my favorite Wildwood background sounds (no, not “Watch the tramcar, please!“) while on my way to my nightly slumber. So this morning I headed over to the North Wildwood beach¬†and recorded a 6 and a half minute clip of the Wildwood beach (starring a flock of seagulls — no, not the group), uploaded it to YouTube, and set it to infinite loop (below). So now you can just play it on your phone at night for some great white noise, or stream it to your TV (I use Google Chromecast to do the job). Make sure you’re connected to your home wireless or you might get hit with some ugly data charges by your phone company!

Video taken on 1/31/2016 at Sunrise around 6th Street and JFK Blvd.

This next video is from the North Wildwood beach, right around JFK Blvd. and Second Avenue. Taken 2/1/2016.