Textly Capture Great for Restaurants, Hotels and Motels!

Textly Capture is a unique and innovative new product that allows you to notify your guests of an event with a text message. For example, when their room is ready (hotel/motel) or when their table is ready (restaurant). In addition, the product can capture your guests’ cell phone number and later be used to bulk-send text messages, such as drink and dinner specials for restaurants, or vacation specials for hotels/motels.

Check out the screenshots below to see an example from one of our customers:

Textly Capture Phone Entry

Textly Capture can run right from your phone.

Textly Capture Desktop Version

Or you can use Textly Capture directly from a desktop computer.



Here’s what you’ll see after adding a guest’s phone number.


Here’s an example of what the guest will see on their phone.

Sending a message is a breeze. Just click Notify...

Sending a message is a breeze. Just click Notify

Then type in your message and click "OK"!

Then type in your message and click OK!


And here's what the guest will see.

And here’s what the guest will see.

Textly Capture is easy-to-use, affordable, and a great marketing tool! Included is a full suite of marketing tools that we haven’t displayed in this brief post. Please email drodrig@magicbrain.com or call 609-849-8299 for a free trial of this invaluable utility!