The Race of Gentlemen 2015 A real gas!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

The Race of Gentlemen

The Race of Gentlemen

With the large crowds and sunny skies this Columbus Day weekend, I almost felt like I was enjoying a mid-summer weekend (albeit a cool one). I suppose some of the crowds were due to condo owners getting the most from their investments this holiday weekend, but I think the majority of folks strolling the Wildwood boardwalk were here to partake in the ceremony and mayhem that is The Race of Gentlemen.

This burgeoning event (I believe last year was the inaugural race — someone please correct me if I’m wrong) really picked up steam this year in the Wildwoods, despite the fact that it was postponed a week due to inclement weather.

Run by the Oiler’s Car Club, The Race of Gentlemen attracts car and motorcycle enthusiasts, Harley riders, and regular men and women who enjoy watching old cars and motorcycles racing on the Wildwood beach (and partying at our awesome local bars).

So for those of you who couldn’t be here, here’s a short aerial video of a few of the race heats. Enjoy!