The Wildwoods A primer for first-time vacationers to our island.

Last updated: March 27, 2018

Technically, The Wildwoods is a term referring to the barrier reef island that consists of the cities of Wildwood and North Wildwood, and the boroughs of Wildwood Crest and West Wildwood. Many folks think that the term Wildwood encompasses all the cities and boroughs on the island, but in fact, Wildwood is a city on the island.

The Wildwoods play host to a thriving tourist industry (but you already new that), which peaks in the summer months. Winters in the Wildwoods are generally quiet (we have a population of around thirteen thousand hearty souls at the time of this writing). However, as a long-time Wildwood resident I can attest that there is still plenty to do in the winter. In the summer, the island comes alive with the sights and sounds of our world-famous beach and boardwalk (not to mention Morey’s Piers).

Wildwood Beach in Summer

Jim, the Photographer, Some Rights Reserved

Our little island has much to offer, to young and old alike. The clean and family-friendly 5 mile beach is arguably the #1 attraction for the thousands of sun worshipers that flood the island each year in pursuit of the perfect tan. If your not the tanning type, slather on some SPF-30 and hit the water — you’ll find some gnarly waves to surf, whether using just your body, a boogie-board, or a traditional surfboard. Note that surfing (with a surfboard) is limited to designated areas, so check with the city first. I believe the current locations are 2nd Street (in North Wildwood) and Rambler Avenue (in Wildwood Crest).

Once you’ve had your fill of the beach, you can grab a shower (or not, we’re not picky) and head over to the island’s world-famous boardwalk. Nearly 2 miles long and home to 5 piers with 3 amusement parks and 3 water parks, the boardwalk also houses more than 100 unique eateries and shops. You’ll find there’s something for everyone on America’s Favorite Boardwalk! If you’re worn out from a long day, you can save on the old knees and hop a ride on the boardwalk tramcar. Just flag the driver down when it passes by, which is quite often in the summer months.You can learn more about the tramcar, including pricing and scheduling information, at Doo Wildwood’s website.

The Dogtooth Bar & Grill, Wildwood

If you’re ready to party, The Wildwoods boast some of the best bars and nightclubs in South Jersey. My personal favorite (right now) is Good Night Irene’s. The food is good (try the pizza!) and I love the atmosphere and the friendly staff. Plus, my wife and I are beer-heads, so we truly appreciate the thirty-something tapped kegs of fine craft beers from local and national breweries. We usually depart GNI about 8 or 8:30 though, as later in the night the older crowd gives way to the many twenty-somethings looking to dance, drink and be merry with each other ;-). Check out our listings of restaurants and nightclubs for a full list of places to relax with a drink or party the night away.

There’s far too much to do in the Wildwoods that could fit in one posting. Still, I hope this quick overview of what the island has to offer helps some of you plan the perfect vacation. As the saying goes, “Once you get sand in your shoes, it never comes out.” So too with vacationing in the Wildwoods. A first-time visit will turn into many memorable vacation experiences for most.

See you this summer!

–Mr. Wildwood