Two Mile Beach Wildlife Refuge -- Wildwood Crest

Two Mile Beach Wildlife Refuge A hidden gem in Wildwood Crest, NJ.
Last updated: August 17, 2015

The Wildwoods — Land of Discovery

Wildwood SignOne of the great things about our island?is that whether you and your family are enjoying your very first Wildwood vacation,?or you’re a local who has lived here all your?life, the island will still reveal new discoveries. I discovered something new this past Sunday, so I thought I would share…

Bike Riding Wildwood, NJ

I’m an avid bike rider, both for pleasure and serious exercise. My wife and I have two bikes each. The first of these?are?road bikes (think Tour de France bikes — mine even has electronic shifters). We?hop on these bikes several times per week and ride for 20 or 30 miles at high speeds. Our?other bikes are?purely for recreation?(we call them our “drinking” bikes ;-). We ride these pretty much everywhere (while usually just drinking water).?This time of year you can get places faster on a bike than you can in a car. Plus it’s healthier for the rider and better for the environment.

Taking an early morning ride this past Sunday, we ended up on?the bike path in Wildwood Crest, a route?we’d?traversed?plenty of times in the past. On this particular day we road?to the end of the path, and I was surprised to see that the city had connected it directly to the road to the?Two Mile Beach Wildlife?Refuge.?If you haven’t been to the wildlife?refuge, you owe it to yourself to walk, ride, or drive down there on your next Wildwood vacation [MAP]. There are 3 short trails you can walk, totaling about 1 mile. The area’s?natural beauty is?truly peaceful, at any time of the year.

Two Mile Wildwood Refuge Store

Two Mile Wildwood Refuge Store

The Nature Store

We followed the road to the wildlife?refuge and discovered something new for the second time that day. Nestled amongst the shrubs and?flora was a newly-constructed?nature store and info center.

Have Backpack, will Travel

Free Wildlife Refuge Backpack

Free Wildlife Refuge Backpack

When?entering the store, we were greeted by a friendly man with plenty of information about the surrounding area. The store itself had some nice hats, clothing and other baubles related to the refuge.

After we browsed a bit, we chatted with the store attendant and?discovered?that we could receive a free “backpack” (more?like a drawstring bag that you could wear like a backpack) if we traversed one of the trails and answered a few educational questions afterwards. Always up for free stuff, we agreed, answered some simple questions, and received the free gift. The gift is part of an awareness campaign and is still going on through the end of the August (Sundays only), so swing in if you have a chance and you to can be the proud owner of a Two Mile Island Nature Refuge backpack.


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