What’s New in the Wildwoods Mrs. Wildwood and Xena walk the Wildwoods.

Last updated: March 27, 2018

When I’m out for my daily dog walks I now tend to notice my surroundings a bit more so I can share what I see going on in town. I noticed a sign at Shoobies letting us know they will open May 4 (“May the Fourth be with You!”). If you haven’t tried them yet I highly recommend this great sandwich shop, located on the corner of 25th and New Jersey Ave — try  their cheesesteaks!

A new BBQ restaurant is coming, located between Pine and Maple on Pacific Avenue. JB Jr’s Southern BBQ, featuring ribs, chicken, pork and homemade side dishes! I ran into a gentleman (I assume JB) who was just leaving and said the place would be open within 2 weeks! I’ll keep my eye on it and let you know. A good BBQ joint would be a welcome addition to the island’s many eateries.

JB Jr’s Southern BBQ will be rounding out a great block of eateries, including Panda Express, the Italian Kitchen and Subway! Oh yeah, the Atilis gym is less than a block away if you want to burn off those extra calories!

The big thing coming is the Byrne Plaza, across the street from the awesome Alumni Grill on Pacific Avenue between Oak and Cedar. It’s been a vacant lot for many years and the plan is to make it a beautiful plaza to house many exciting events like the Downtown Wildwood Summer Farmer’s Market, which is entering it’s 4th year already! This year the city will introduce a Fall Harvest market beginning September 16 and running about 7 weeks through the fall.

All signs point to a fabulous summer ahead in the Wildwoods! I look forward to seeing you all here!