Wildwood NJ Rated Top in the World as Best Beach Town Something we knew all along!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

WILDWOOD NJ, June 25, 2015

Our city s beach, boardwalk and attractions have placed Wildwood NJ on the list of top 10 beach towns worldwide.

Wildwood NJ Top 10 Beach Town in World

Wildwood NJ Top 10 Beach Town in World

Partying on the beach with the wind in your hair, free of the stifling walls of nightclubs, is something even the most crowd-averse curmudgeon should experience at least once,? said The Daily Meal, a website that highlights food topics through articles and special reports.

According to The Daily Meal, Wildwood beach s proximity to attractions like the boardwalk and the beachfront amusement park, which makes for a very picturesque backdrop, make it a shoo-in for our list.?

Adding to the international flair, said the Daily Meal, are the city s clubs and bars.

There are more than 100 rides and three beachfront water parks to trigger your endorphins,? said The Daily Meal, noting outdoor activities like fishing and volleyball are made easy with rentals and courts right on the beach.?

The list of top beach towns spans the globe. Beaches in Spain, Thailand, India and Brazil joined Wildwood as tops in the world.

Not resting on its many laurels, the city continues to bring even more amenities to its beach. This year beachgoers can take a walk on the sand in a Zorb Ball or ride high above the beach on a zip line.

More people are starting to discover what Wildwood has to offer,? said Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano. This city is a world-class vacation destination. We are thrilled to receive this newest accolade and we remain committed to bringing even more reasons to come and enjoy Wildwood.?