Wildwood Underground Adds New Webcam See it live! The Wildwood Crest ocean view from the Imperial 500!

Last updated: March 27, 2018

Wildwood Crest WebcamAs promised, Wildwood Underground has added a new webcam in Wildwood Crest. Thanks to the Imperial 500 Motel, you can now take in the glorious views of the Wildwood Crest beach and ocean even when you can’t be here yourself.

Here’s a hint: To watch (sorry, no audio due to privacy concerns) a summer concert, sync up with the Centenial Park Music Series and view the concerts live.

And by the way, if you’ve never stayed at the Imperial 500 Motel, it’s one of the cleanest and friendliest places to stay in Wildwood Crest. Just a short walk to the beach (check the webcam to see for yourself), the motel is nestled in the heart of the Crest, in walking distance to restaurants and shops.

The owners, Jimmy and Jackie Johnson, make improvements to the motel each year, so you’ll always discover happy surprises on each visit to the motel. Mr. Wildwood and family hold their family reunion there every two years and couldn’t be happier with pretty much everything!

You can see more details about the motel here:


Oh, and I almost forgot, you can view the new cam (and all the webcams) here:


That’s it for now! Happy viewing!